I recently bought an AT-1 model of your attic tent. So far everything about your company and product has been awesome, from the excellent customer service to the superior performance of the product. Our upstairs has always been a bit too warm and the temperature seemed to frequently be higher than the thermostat setting. Since I installed the attic tent, the temp stays at the desired setting. We are talking at least a 2 degree even possibly a 4 degree difference.

Eugene S

Just wanted to give you a quick update… I installed the attic tent last night it took me about 30 mins because I removed some plywood from the rough frame first.

It is 93 degrees today and for the 1st time all summer my A/C is cycling on and off during the day as it should. It used to run pretty much continuously just to barley maintain the temp. I am guessing my heating and cooling costs will reduce significantly. Great product and pretty easy install. Thanks

Zack M

Know most were using this for heat but I bought it to stop heat and humidity. Appears to have solved my humidity problem instantly. The dehumidifier is off and after I caulk it should be even better. Knew about the product but wish I had installed two years ago.


Just installed my attic tent today and wanted to let you know that this product is a home run! Could feel the difference right away and an added benefit is it reduced the noise from the attic exhaust fan to almost nothing!

Thank you for a good product,

South Carolina

Hi David,

Recently I purchased an Attic Tent in America.
I have started up an energy-saving company in Ireland: Newtown Energy.

I am very excited about the Attic Tent as I have first-hand knowledge of its benefits. The reduction of heat loss is very noticeable, but the dust transfer from attic to my children's room is gone. No more coughing in the middle of the night.

Seamus McQuaid
Wexford Town, Ireland

"I received my Attic Tent a few days after talking to you and ordering it. I am most pleased with it. Installation was a breeze, it took less than 15 minutes. Wish everything I bought was as easy as this to install. I can tell a difference in that my hallway is not as cold as before..."

Thanks for a great product!

Carol Overby

"I want you to know how happy I am that I purchased one of your Attic Tents, especially now that I have had it for over a year.

Unlike most of the advertising hype that makes great promises, but doesn't deliver; your Attic Tent was simple to install, easy to open, and looks like it should be there. From the start, my wife and I could feel the difference. No Drafts! After installing the Attic Tent, we knew our furnace was not cutting on and off as often.

From the beginning, I believed I would save money on my heating and air conditioning; now I have proof. Thank you for a great idea!

Keith Dennis

"I installed the model AT-2 Attic Tent I purchased from you in my home. I am very pleased with the quality of the product and the ease of the installation. Your installation instructions are very clear."

Rev. David A. Jenkins

"...Mr. McCoy showed me this new product, the Attic Tent, and showed me how air was being wasted through the attic. I purchased the Attic Tent and I cannot tell you how much of a difference this has made and how happy I am with this product. It has made so much difference in the cooling of my house and has stopped the continuous running of my AC."

"I just had to express my thanks to you for this wonderful product."

Mrs. Mary E. Jones

"A customer called me a couple of weeks ago to see if I could solve their drafty attic stair problem. Other contractors had tried different methods to cut the airflow from the attic and none had worked.

When they called me, I checked out your website and ordered a tent. Your product worked great. The fit was perfect and the appearance gives a very professional look to the job.
The quality of the product is evident. My customer was so impressed, she already asked me to do additional work in her house. Thanks!"

Fran Hamilton
Remodeling Company Owner

"The product was easy to install and I was able to complete the job in less than 10 minutes. It was amazing the difference that was immediately noticed when the access was zipped back in place and the seal complete.

The Attic Tent fits like a glove over the opening and is a much better and complete thermal seal than other options being used. There has always been a problem with trying to use fiberglass batt insulation run under the ladder steps not to mention the fact that it doesn't completely cover the door.

The Attic Tent solves these problems and many others to give the best thermal seal to attic openings on the market today. I'll continue to recommend this product to all my friends and customers." 

Jeff Griffin
Home Building Inspector

The Attic Tent is the most significant energy saving product I have installed in our home. Installation only took 15 minutes. Now, the rooms adjacent to our attic opening are no longer cold and the furnace doesn't run as frequently.  This is an amazing product. We watched you on QVC and tried to call in with a testimonal but because this was your first time on QVC, they wouldn't accept testimonials. I hope your sales were great. It has been a pleasure working with you.  Regards.

Ed Jungbauer
Maplewood, MN

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The Attic Tent ®, Incorporated is a veteran owned company with over 60 years of combined, dedicated military service. We started business in 1996. Read More...

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Wasted Energy

Heating and cooling inefficiencies are the major cause. In most cases, the prevention is simple and inexpensive.

The Attic Tent is an easy and affordable do-it-yourself solution for making your home more comfortable and less expensive to heat in the winter and cool in the summer!

The Attic Tent also stops humidity from entering your home.

Windows & Storm Doors

Each year hundreds of thousands of homeowners pay large sums of money to purchase and install energy efficient windows and doors in their homes.

Yet, they overlook the area recognized as one of the home's hot spots for energy loss — The Attic Opening!

It isn't their fault; before the invention of the Attic Tent ® there was no practical solution.

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