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The Attic Tent, Incorporated is a veteran owned company with over 60 years of combined, dedicated military service. We started business in 1996. Our company provides a quality product "Attic Tent," that covers the attic access doors of a home, saves energy and improves the comfort of the home. The Attic Tent insulates and creates the ultimate air seal between the home and attic space. Attic Tents come in 8 different models/sizes.

The Attic Tent was designed, created and patented by Steve Williams, the majority owner of the company. Steve and his wife Tammy had built a new home. Steve was away in a Training school for the United States Air Force, Tammy called to tell him about their enormous power bill. After returning home from training, Steve began to look for ways to seal any air leaks in his home. He had left the light on in the attic by accident and closed the attic stair door. He noticed the light around the crack of the attic stair door.  Because the roof truss supports were in the way, a cover was needed that was rigid enough to stand up and support the weight and shape of the material, but flexible enough to allow zippers to open and close around the supports. The Attic Tent was born, but what do we call it. One day when Steve's neighbor's son was visiting, he entered Steve's attic through the new cover and said, "wow" it's like having a tent in the attic. Hence the name, Attic Tent. A Registered Trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Do to increased government regulation and code restrictions, Steve has designed another Patent pending product called the AT Insulator. Three large material cases, like pillow cases, are inserted with batts-of-insulation and connected with hook and loop straps creating a new and unique attic stair cover with greater r-values. It can be used by itself, however the increased insulation characteristics work best when combined with an original Attic Tent.

Background Steve Williams

  • Dec 2011- Retired, Lieutenant colonel United States Air Force, 30.4 years service
  • May 1998- MBA, Masters in Business Administration, Pfeiffer University, Charlotte, NC (GPA 3.25)
  • May 1991- BAS, Bachelors of Applied Science in Business Management, Mt Olive College, Mount Olive, NC (GPA 3.41)
  • Apr 1989- AAS, Associates of Applied Science in Aircraft Technology, Community College of the Air Force, Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, Alabama
  • May 1988- MECHANIC RATING: Airframe and Power-plant, License # 3528920
  • Born 1962, married since 1981, lifelong Christian

Company Overview

The Attic Tent ®, Incorporated is a veteran owned company with over 60 years of combined, dedicated military service. We started business in 1996. Read More...

Company Overview

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Warranty: 10 year manufacturer warranty
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Wasted Energy

Heating and cooling inefficiencies are the major cause. In most cases, the prevention is simple and inexpensive.

The Attic Tent is an easy and affordable do-it-yourself solution for making your home more comfortable and less expensive to heat in the winter and cool in the summer!

The Attic Tent also stops humidity from entering your home.

Windows & Storm Doors

Each year hundreds of thousands of homeowners pay large sums of money to purchase and install energy efficient windows and doors in their homes.

Yet, they overlook the area recognized as one of the home's hot spots for energy loss — The Attic Opening!

It isn't their fault; before the invention of the Attic Tent ® there was no practical solution.

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